Need to Lose Some Weight ?

I can help you lose weight and keep it off for good

My name is Vicki & I can help you Lose Weight and Keep it off.

I’m not going to lie to you – it’s not all magic. And it takes some change on your behalf. If you keep doing what you’ve always done – nothing will change. You Won’t Lose Weight.

  • I lost 20 kgs in 18 weeks and have kept it off, and while I found other diets tedious, boring and hard to maintain – Herbalife was easy and you just get on with your life while losing weight. Now I help many others – just like I can help You.
  • If you go ‘on a diet’ with the idea that you can’t wait to ‘get off it’  – it won’t work long-term. You need to change your lifestyle and your eating/exercise habits. The changes I’ll introduce will be gradual but you’ll be able to maintain them.
  • Getting your head around ‘meal replacement‘ can be a challenge for some at first – but it’s just a mental thing of not eating solid food – so think of it as a Smoothie – you’d have a Banana Smoothie for lunch wouldn’t you? If it filled you up and made you feel full and satisfied?
  • Ultimately it will help decrease your stomach size so you eat smaller portions – making long term weight maintenance easy. It makes you appreciate your one colourful meal a day and you find you eat healthy foods! None of my clients ‘miss’ food – in fact, it helps take away the emotional attachment to food.
  • Keeping your Metabolism up is really important – I don’t support fad diets or starvation diets – females should eat no less than 1200 calories a day – or your metabolism will be as slow as a slug! You don’t want to be hungry on an eating plan. You need three balanced meals a day plus up to two snacks a day. That way your metabolism keeps working for you.

So do you want to Lose Weight Fast, Faster or Fastest?

Shape Up Fast + ProgramShape Up Fast + Program QuickStartQuickStart+ Fat Burning Advance Programme


Hi Vicki – Thank you for your emails which are very interesting as well as inspirational. – Glenda C

I had tried everything for the last 12 months”

After spending 5 years overseas I returned home with an additional 5-10 kilos – which I had spent the last 12 months trying to shed. I was running, even did Bikram Yoga twice a week for a month – but it wouldn’t budge. Then I started the Herbalife Shakes and Multivitamin Complex and wow – in 1 week – my first 3 kilos – gone!

Thanks! – Nicole from Nelson.

So Easy!

Hi Vicki – I’m so happy !!!  Managed to lose 3 kg in LESS than a week so, 7 more to go!!! It is so easy….Thanks ! EM Queenstown

I managed to lose 3 kilos before Christmas – even going to all the Xmas parties!
I started Herbalife Quick Start Program about 3 weeks before Christmas. I managed to lose 3 kilos before Christmas – even going to all the Xmas parties! I reduced to just one Nutritional Shake per day during the holidays in between and managed to still maintain – now I’m back to 2 a day and losing again!

Hannah Carmichael – Botany Downs

“4.4kg Lost in 1st 2 Weeks”

I am loving this lifestyle – it is a nobrainer,
and it works like nothing i’ve ever tried before.
This is the end of week two and I’ve lost 4.4kg so far.
Thanks a ton ~ Debbie K from Christchurch

“I Lost 6.5kg – Quickly”
Thank you for this Advanced program Vicki

I’m now down to 88.5kg from 95. I thought you were joking at first about the energy but it certainly has kicked in and I’m ready to buy the next size pair of trousers down.  These products really work.

85kg is my next target now that I have passed 90kg and still enjoy a glass or two of my favourite red at night.
– Paul B from Wellington


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